I started on Entanglement shortly after writing my last fan fiction. A few years back, in other words. What exactly possessed me to tackle a story whose scientific premise is all quantum physics nobody knows... science is so not my thing. Maybe that's the reason why, to date, the manuscript remains nine tenths finished, with 'The End' stubbornly refusing to come. However, the story has distinct potential for turning into a prequel to Soothsayer...


The basic idea for Soothsayer nudged its way into my head while I was working on Stargate Atlantis: Mirror Mirror, causing a slight conflict of interest. It's also an animal distinguished by its elusiveness.
Yes, you'd say Just sit down and write it, for Pete's sake! Been there. Done that. To date, it resulted in the world's largest collection of false starts. What that says about the idea or about the putative writer thereof, I'm not entirely sure...
Excerpts will be available once I've made up my mind.


Trinity (working title)

And now for something completely different... this is a potential contest entry for this summer. For chapters 4 and 5 click here.